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Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE

Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE
Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE
Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE

Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE

KENNERTON WODAN - (FULL REVIEW). The Most distinct feature of this Headphones is the shape of the cup, and the fact that grills and cup is carved out of a solid piece of wood, which is done not for the design purpose, but to go for more detailed sound and wider sound-stage. Every aspect of Kennerton Wodan, the newest planar-magnetic headphone, is designed to achieve maximum performance in the speed of music performance.

A dynamic and fast reproduction will allow you to perceive every single environmental sound effect as if you were present in the place where the sounds were born. Kennerton has gone an extra mile while designing and crating Wodan.

Every cup of this model is made of a whole piece of wood. It is not only affects sounding in a positive way, but also adds a special feeling from the amount of attention to the details that the crafters put in every single unit. To create such a special headphone cup, we first use machine carving to create a workpiece from a wooden plank. Then the workpiece goes into polish, and peculiarity of this model is that every transition, every cell and every hollow is polished by hand.

Afterwards the polished cup soaks in Italian oils used in restoration of antique furniture and best picture frames. The gridss cells created in a specific way to form a bell like in design of a horn.

While have all the advantages of Odin (the 2019 model) and Thridi, Wodan is considerably more comfortable and light about 480 g. Due to the new grid headphones provide more softer and analytical sounding than Odin or Thridi. In our eyes, we see the perfect headphone as a cross-breed of the dynamic and electrostatic technologies combined into one. Whereby taking the airy and extremely detailed sound of an electrostatic driver, and combining it with the power and impact of a dynamic transducers. This enables us to achieve a sound thats both natural and engaging. When we looked at the market to see what our competitors have been producing in the last couple of years, we were surprised to find that the most recent planar magnetic headphones all had the same design and thus also shared the same flaws. This indicated to us that the 35-year old planar magnetic technology hasnt evolved with time. We got to the drawing board and started to make our own drivers from scratch. One of our core goals was to minimize internal structure resonances and optimize sound wave patterns, in order to create a clear, low-distortion sound frequency. To achieve this, we created several patent-pending core innovations. Its magnetic structure is designed to eliminate both unwanted resonances, and unify magnetic field distribution over the total frequency range. Our drivers are solely designed and produced in Russia, which involves a facility that also work for the aerospace and military industries, which ensures the highest quality and durability of our headphones. A new 80mm planar-magnetic driver, with every aspect of this technology being implemented, such as phase coherence, flat impedance and a low-mass diaphragm. Multi-layer 10┬Ám polyimide film diaphragm, tested to have the highest reliability and longevity in the most extreme environmental conditions.

FEM-Optimized Magnet System with 10 neodymium magnets arranged in symmetric push-pull configuration. A semicircular form therefore has many advantages over the ordinary rectangular shaped bar magnets: It gives a more uniform magnetic field, greatly reduces internal resonances and produces an optimal sound. Our driver allows greater sensitivity, thanks to its powerful magnets and low-mass diaphragm.

It can therefore be easily driven by portable devices. Wodan's Cups Creation Process. All wood types used for making the headphones assembly and cups always undergo multiple different processes.

We use drying and coating methods which have antibacterial substances making the cups pleasant to look at and resistant against environmental factors. Our wooden cups are made by a specific in-house developed procedure.

The wood types and geometry of acoustic design, influences the sound and we therefore take this into account when producing and designing our cups. Cups are manufactured by a 3D model on a computer controlled by a precision machine; the machines have extreme processing quality and geometric shape repeatability. After the milling operation, the cups are sanded and polished by hand. After sanding, wood is coated by using special oils to protect it from humidity and prevent it from deteriorating.

After that, the work pieces are processed with microwaves for several minutes in order for the oils on the cups to avoid deterioration. After that, the cups are covered by hot bee-wax and dried in a special drying chamber for about 1.5 hours. Temperatures may reach 74 degrees centigrade (where it varies from 60 to 74 degrees centigrade depending on the type of wood).

Drying is followed by the cups being cooled at room temperature for at least 6 hours. The work piece is ground for the second time, hot wax is again applied; which is again followed by drying the cups at the same temperature 74 degrees, for about 8 hours. The closing stage of the work includes thorough polishing of the cup, laser engraving of the logo and other elements as per the design.

In some cases, patina forming treatment is applied for a decorative finish that makes the surface look perfect. Note: Each pair of headphones is one of a kind, and due to the nature of handwork, slight variations in wood grain may occur. The item "Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE" is in sale since Monday, February 1, 2021.

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  • Number of Earpieces: 2
  • Model: Kennerton Wodan
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation
  • Wireless Technology: n/a
  • California Prop 65 Warning: n/a
  • Microphone Type: n/a
  • Connectivity: 6.3mm Jack
  • Type: Headphones
  • Features: Adjustable Headband
  • Color: Black
  • Year Manufactured: 2020
  • Cable Length: 2m
  • MPN: n/a
  • Connectors: 3.5 mm (1/8 in)
  • Use: Audiophile
  • Earpiece Design: Ear-Pad (On the Ear)
  • Brand: Kennerton Audio Equipment
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
  • Form Factor: Headband
  • Manufacturer Color: Black/Light

Kennerton Wodan, Very High Detailization Handcrafted Audiophile Cans, Ships FREE