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2 at a discount from this link. Bowl for soaking sharpening stones + musat + bag for storing stones. Hand-assembled (HANDCRAFTED) Sharpening system for knives (blades, tools) VSS mod. Sharpener System, with a complete set for sharpening knives. Sharpening knives (blades, tools) can be enjoyable. This product will be appreciated by both a beginner and a professional!! Stylish, vintage design will look great in any kitchen or workshop. Ease of use, premium quality and reliability are the 3 basic rules for VSS crafting.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that each VSS sharpening system will be delivered to you with the mark of the master as in the photo. The presence of the master's mark means that the system has been personally tested by him in all parameters and corresponds to the promised highest quality. A lot of people pay attention to the price. And the question is often asked: Why is it so expensive?

I will try to answer this question briefly. System is handcrafted, which takes a lot of time to manufacture each system.

We all know that the most expensive resource in our life is time! The body is made of high quality ash wood.

Every detail is thought out, all parts of the system are professionally and reliably installed, which allows the mechanism to work easily and for a long time, all parts of the system are well processed and calibrated. As you know - THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. 2 is a perfectly balanced manual machine for professional and convenient sharpening of all types of knives and some tools. A very useful tool in any kitchen, must be in every home and restaurant.

Any knife is easy to sharpen thanks to the VSS mod. It uses fast attachment on powerful neodymium magnets and the ability to adjust the sharpening angle thanks to the applied marks. Maximum degree of freedom when working thanks to integrated bearings and articulation.

Stones on blank (marking according to JIS 220, 400, 1200). Blank with leather for the finish.

10.23 x 2.76 x 6.7 inch (260 x 70 x 170 mm). Length of the sharpening rod. 19.7 inch (500 mm).

Dovetail groove, groove angle 45 degrees. The size of the blanks. X 1 x 0.12 inch (160 x 25 x 3 mm).

The length can also be adjusted. Type of knife (blade, tool) attachment. Adjustable from 7 to 40 degrees.

On 1 side of the blade. The maximum length of the sharpened blade. 13.8 inch (350 mm). Material of the hinge, blank holders, handle. Material of vertical and horizontal guide.

Non-magnetic stainless steel AISI 201. Abrasive material - Silicon Carbide. OF SHARPENING ANGLES (indicated on 1 side of the blade, set on the top of the hinge opposite the mark, as shown in the first photo).

Very thin blades, chef knives, shaving blades, fillet knives, some kitchen knives (approximately 10 degrees). Optimal most common angle, regular kitchen knives, folders (approximately 15 degrees). Wide angle for cutting hard materials like bones and wood, hunting knives, bushcraft, butchers knives (approximately 20 degrees). The angle of sharpening may slightly differ when setting different thicknesses of blades and abrasives, therefore we will call the marks conditional, but they will completely satisfy both an ordinary user and a professional. You can also find the angle you want using a inclinometer or your smartphone by installing an angle measurement app.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE CAREFULLY. HOW TO SHARP THE KNIFE short version. Secure the square plate against the back of the knife.

Moisten the whetstone with water (or oil, whichever form you have installed). Place the stone on the blade closer to the knife handle. Start moving the stone along the blade. Lift the stone and repeat the movements. Turn the knife over and do the same. HOW TO SHARP THE KNIFE long version. PREPARING THE VSS SYSTEM FOR WORK.

Fixing the device is possible in two ways. The first one is the ledge that is located at the front, it is not only made for aesthetic appearance, but is also designed to secure the VSS to the edge of the table with a clamp. The second - during sharpening, you can hold the VSS from the edge with your hand, as it is more convenient for someone, this allows you to feel the process.

Do not think that VSS will swing from side to side and it will interfere. All reference surfaces are milled, the VSS is not light and stands well on a level surface. For the installation of the blank, holders are provided in which dovetail grooves are milled.

By matching the blank and holders with each other, we get an ideal base of the blank, which constantly stands at the same point, this type of installation removes the risk that a stone or blank will fall out or skew during operation. The system for changing forms is simple and convenient: to replace them, you need to press your fingers on the movable holder, which rests against the spring and install a new one. For comfortable work, the spring force is easily adjusted by the handle itself, there is a thread cut. The knife is installed on the sharpening plate, namely on top of the magnets and is supported by a stop plate.

It is unnecessary to press with this plate. They are afraid that the knife will not fall off from the magnets, their total pulling force is about 20 kg, it's like putting a large weight on it.

When installing the knife, it is important to set its lead so that it is in the same plane and lies perpendicular to the axis of the sharpening bar, this largely determines the sharpening angle along the entire length of the knife. An important element in this device is the hinge mechanism, which determines the sharpening angle. In working position, the hinge should be installed with a hole in the bottom center of the VSS. When turning with sandpaper, if the hinge is at its lowest position, the angle will be approximately 8 degrees, at the highest position, the angle will be approximately 40 degrees per side.

And since how do you set the angle exactly, there are many ways, I will voice 2 the most convenient in my opinion. Method 1: we have a previously sharpened knife and we need to get to the previous sharpening angle: we install the blade on the sharpening table as we need, then carefully paint over the supply with a permanent marker, install the sharpening bar on top and lightly move it along the painted part, by lifting or lowering the hinge, we need to achieve that, when moving, our stone completely removes the paint equal to the width of the supply, no more and no less.

If we have achieved this, then we have come to a given corner. Method 2: More accurate method.

You can precisely set the angle using the "protractor" application, which is available for free in the playmarket or apple store. We will install the smartphone on the sharpening plate from above, and set it to zero degrees, that is, the base. In total, it will be twice as much. You also need to take into account the angle of descents and add it. Let's imagine that we have a completely dull and not sharpened knife at all. The first step is to decide on the angle and form the leads.

A signal that the cutting edge is formed will be a pronounced burr on the back of the blade. In this case, the feed width must be the same on each side.

The main work is done. Then everything will be much faster. The task of the next abrasive is to cover the risks of the previous one. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Kitchen Tools & Gadgets\Sharpeners".vv" and is located in this country: UA.

This item can be shipped worldwide. BLACK color
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Model: VSS mod.2
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Ukraine
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Material: Wood
  • Brand: VSS
  • Type: Sharpening System
  • Features: Hand Wash Only, Manual